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Hello there!

It's Vishwjeet singh chouhan from Legends onboard. I am a e-commerce expert, trained and certified by most of the E-commerce giant companies. I laid the foundation of the company in 2020. Before starting this company, I have served the industry till 2 years. After finding out many gapes in existing services I decided to take the initiative to start a company where we genuinely want to help sellers grow there brand on e-commerce platforms instead of just giving the advice which can fill our own pockets.

Our company's primary goal is to provide value to our clients and grow together. We are standing on four pillars which are principles, working ethics, expertise and our clients trust and pillars can never be compromised. Our unique selling proposition is Value for money. We neither promise you cheap cost nor pick your pockets, Which makes us stand out from the crowded competition in the industry.

Vishwjeet singh chouhan

E-commerce Expert and Consultant

Vishal Singh Chouhan

Sales and Marketing Manager

saara jain

Intellectual property consultant and Practicing Company Secretory (CS)

ankit chouhan

Brand Manager and HR Executive